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Pedestal Construction Co builds bridges, highways, railroads, tunnels, airports, roads, trails, work above and deep underground and other infrastructure-related projects used by millions of people.
All of these projects, large and small, are testaments to our unequaled experience in shaping the country.

The Pedestal Construction Co is a full-service company capable of handling today's most complex projects. Our in-house experts help us identify key challenges, find solutions early in the preconstruction process. We are driven to accomplish challenging goals and improve production, with an overriding emphasis on safety. We welcome challenges and apply learned disciplines plus fresh thinking to keep the project moving forward. The Pedestal Construction Co has high standards for ourselves and others, and we pursue success with confidence, optimism, determination, and a sense of urgency. We are constantly striving to find new means and methods to perform tasks more efficiently, cost effectively, and safely.


Meeting the deadlines

The Pedestal scheduling department reports independently from every job site to provide accurate, unbiased, and up-to-the-minute information. We strive to go beyond the merely acceptable, and that's a hard way to go so we always set precise, realistic schedules - and we meet them. We truly provide comprehensive construction services to our clients.  From planning through post construction, we are committed to the project and the team.

Team Work

The Pedestal Construction Co is committed to the growth and success of our subcontractor and supplier diversity programs and aggressively seeks to form relationships with disadvantaged businesses.
We have a well-rounded team of professionals in our own company as well and our engineers have extensive field experience and believe in the strength that results from inclusiveness. We believe that workforce creates a limitless source of ideas and opportunities. This team approach has proven astonishingly effective in our completed projects. We bring managers, subcontractors, and trades people together with design professionals to define expectations and monitor performance. Through close collaboration, everyone reaps the benefits of a safer job site and high quality results.







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